How do the natives express the feelings of each zodiac sign?

Studying astrology can help us understand how we express our feelings and emotions. Each zodiac sign has its own unique emotions and expresses them in different ways. When we learn more about our behavior according to our own zodiac sign, we can apply these ideas to become more aware and wise people.

Here’s what your zodiac sign conveys about how you express your feelings and emotions:


You are incredibly productive, your ability to do new things impresses the people around you. As you live a fast-paced life, not everyone can follow you.

Sometimes the pressure you put on yourself to maintain your lifestyle can create unnecessary stress. You express your emotions too directly, you are tactless and sometimes you offend without realizing it. You need to nuance your siva’s attitude to be better understood.


Bulls are warm, pleasant and humorous people. I know how to make those around me feel good, they are perfect hosts, they are welcoming and generous. But when it comes to more intimate feelings, they are restrained and more difficult to express, they are afraid that they are wrong. They should be encouraged to relax and then the feelings will reveal themselves.


You like to have everything under control in your life, because it makes you safer and more stable. The twins love to feel in control of the situation, and this really succeeds. It is difficult to reveal what a native Gemini really feels, because he does not directly express his feelings, and the apparent joke sometimes hides a certain sentimental coldness and even harshness.


You are a complex person, and your loved ones are always in doubt or uncertainty about establishing a relationship with you. When you have an intimate relationship with someone, whether it is a romantic or a family relationship, you are warm and very kind, always ready to please your loved ones. Cancers are easy to guess, they express their feelings quite easily.


You have well-defined opinions and you are not afraid to express them, even if they are contrary to what others think. Everyone knows this characteristic of your personality, but I often feel that you are too theatrical and exaggerated. Some Lions are even selfish, self-centered and a little false in their relationships with others.


You are a strong and motivated person, but you understand that sometimes it is good to offer the comfort of warm feelings. When you go through problems and difficulties, you don’t ask for help, you try to solve everything yourself, because you know that everyone is busy with their own life.

You must learn to trust even when you love to be able to open your soul in front of your loved one.


You tend to keep your emotions to yourself. This can be detrimental to your relationships, as you are seldom honest about your own desires and needs. You feel that if you express what you really feel and think, the interest of the loved one diminishes.

You have to learn to show your desires and emotions directly, you will only have to win.


Scorpios are intuitive and profound, they guess what others have in mind but they themselves find it very difficult to reveal themselves and the emotions are well hidden. Only those who are loved by a Scorpio will find out their true feelings and know what huge emotional potential they have.

Sagittarians are independent and rarely seek the advice of others. They feel obliged to help and never reveal their weaknesses, they feel like they will lose if they look sensitive. They hide their feelings under an exuberant appearance, but suffer when they are not understood or loved enough.


Although you do not want to admit it, deep down you will care what others think or say about you. Because you are afraid of being judged, you tend to keep many things to yourself and solve your own problems, which can confuse people who really want to help you.


You are a motivated and inspired person, you spread your positive energy wherever you go. You have a natural tendency to show empathy and to know when someone around you is sad. You hate boredom and are always looking for something new to do or learn. You easily identify negative people and you always want to stay away from them, no matter how close they are.


You are very aware of your own feelings. However, often your anxious emotions can make you live in a world of worries and anticipation. The events of life affect you more deeply than any other zodiac sign and you are easily hurt. So try to spend your time channeling your emotions into activities that make you truly happy.

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