Interesting Facts about Astrology

Astrology … is something beautiful, interesting and especially challenging. Because the challenge is huge, which is why once you’ve read a few lines, an article or heard someone talk about … you are definitely and irretrievably fascinated.

Once you have taken the first steps in the study of this discipline, you are very well guarded and you discover other similar disciplines, which intertwine harmoniously. Without realizing it, you start to delight more and more and then you realize that you can no longer imagine your life without it. No matter what names, specific words you encounter, you become friends with their contents, even if sometimes they sound quite unpleasant.
In fact, the stars are our best friends and the moment we start studying them more, we even find that we feel better. You feel like you have invisible friends, who are there almost all the time, as if you hear them giving you advice. It’s really fun!

Set of hand drawn zodiac signs including leo, taurus, pisces, libra, gemini and virgo isolated vector illustration

The vast majority of people are reluctant about these sciences, which we can call arts in the true sense of the word. But I think it is the duty of each of us to knock on their door and talk to them with the utmost respect and obedience. Then even if we don’t like what we discover, we can close those doors for the time being, but surely there will come other times when we open them again. Then it is possible to never close them again and to succeed in overcoming our self-imposed limits.

There are very few people who have never asked important and existential questions about the meaning of life. Some put them in adolescence, elaborating all kinds of theories and questioning everything that could be said and written before them. It is characteristic of this period. Others, probably too caught up in everyday life, will ask these serious questions in adulthood. The age of 45 is often conducive to such questions. Now a certain boredom of work is settling in and ideas and dreams about retirement are beginning to sprout. For others, unfortunately, questions will never come, nor will the answers. At least not in this life …

Where do we come from? What is our role on Earth? Why do some have a seemingly pleasant life, while others live in constant conflict, enduring suffering and trial? It is exactly the kind of topics we will address, sooner or later, with our life partner or friends, without having clear answers. Everyone has their own conception, depending on the education received and their beliefs. It is interesting to have an exchange of views on this topic and then to confront the ideas.

One of the first questions we should answer, and perhaps the most difficult, is this: Who am I? When I try to reflect on this question, when I speak to myself with this little inner voice, is it really about me? Is it simply this man or woman who wakes up every morning to go to work, who makes a hard living, hoping for a better life, raising children and watching time go by at full speed? Is life just my daily routine? If so, what happens next? Will I simply die, will I be cremated and my ashes will be buried, leaving my memory to my loved ones for a few years, as long as they themselves live behind me?

Some people think so and believe it sincerely. For these people, who are still far from stupid, the rest of us are just the result of an accident in nature. Over the centuries, people have organized life into systems, and we live in them as a whirlwind. There are people who are deliberately atheists or who do not believe in anything because of ignorance or intellectual laziness. They do not waste their time with such questions.
We can retreat a little to look at the people we encounter on a daily basis and ask ourselves what role they will play in the film of our own lives.

For hundreds of years, scientists and laymen have ignored, looked with distrust or placed themselves on the opposite side of astrology. They saw it as a simple rooting in a mystical and superstitious past, an obscure method by which charlatans can take advantage of the naive, giving a belief system that opposes biblical perceptions. Let’s look around us. Many people have had time to forget the impact of astronauts’ first steps on the moon, and now they are watching the activity of robots on Mars and the incursion of space probes into the periphery of the Solar System.

Geostationary satellites allow unprecedented information exchanges, so that only those who do not want or have no financial means do not receive television programs from around the world or are not connected to the Internet. Personal computers, cell phones, industrial robots, genetic manipulation, nuclear power plants, sophisticated antibiotics, laser-based systems and more and more have already entered a commonplace. For a rational spirit, this is the real, concrete, only world of interest.

In this conjuncture, not only the statements of astrology but also its mere presence become difficult – if not impossible – to integrate into our scientific thinking. However, the large number of books debating this subject attests to the constant interest of the public towards the phenomena in the field. It may be the survival of so-called archaic beliefs, or a resurgence of superstitions as a consequence of materialism, or an intellectual aspiration to the miraculous, a crisis of society or an expression of personal or collective unrest. Maybe everyone is right, maybe the truth is in the middle, as it often happens, maybe they are all wrong, because they miss the basic meanings.

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