Love Horoscope 2021

The year 2021 is important to see sentimentally after the change and redefinition in love relationships for all natives.

Whether they are already involved in a love affair or are alone, the stars guide their feelings and can help them meet other people in love.

Of course, there may be stones, translations and disappointments, but it depends on each of us how we treat realities well and how we fight for our love relationship.


In the last few months, let your efforts work to get to the heart of the issues related to the couple’s story. at the beginning of a relationship, 2021 means for Aries or a clear vision of what is needed, what is what you want. He may be ready to act.

For the most part, 2021 will be a quiet year to see love affairs. Mars kept putting you to work in 2019, but until 2021 it will leave you alone. There may be some more difficult periods, which currently have the base time of the Full Moon and New Moon (February 9, April 7). Pay attention to important revelations regarding this date.

Another major influence or will take care of the planet Venus, in the sale of travel will put a little magic in your life. Something special is floating in the air, there are opportunities for romantic relationships (especially after September 6 and until October 2). If you are involved in a relationship, prepare for an upward evolution to do. Venus watches that everything is perfect, especially between October and November 2021.

The year 2021 is not a major, dramatic event for Aries, but it is a year in which you can console your relationship, you can make others available to your partner or you can build a relationship from scratch. Chiron, the healing planet, has been in Aries for some time and will stay here for several years. It is a good opportunity to cleanse yourself of the past burden and take care of your destiny from now on.


The year 2021 is very interesting in terms of love for Taurus. Things merge less borrowed, as is the rhythm with Taurus. The natives of the zodiac have every reason to be raised in what the future holds for them. If in the first part of a year the situation is calm, in two halves, everything changes and things happen faster.

You have two full romantic moons (March 9 and May 7), a Venus planet in the wrong retrograde and everything seems to be in place. Depending on the space in care you can find your relationship, this can be correct or good. If you have unresolved issues, now is a good time to get the job done. When Venus enters the sentimental sectoral story in the zodiac sign, it will begin to act and recover lost.

By December 2021, you will have a clear idea of ​​what your relationship wants. You know what was in the past, you know what you want for the future. If you are single, you can start a special relationship. A trip at the end of a year can lay the foundations of a solid relationship in 2021. Learn to have patience after setting a goal, wait for things to happen and don’t give up. The end of 2021 is a promising reunion for love.


The year 2021 is announced for you relaxing, restful and calm. You had a challenge from 2019, now you can relax and you probably learned from experience for the year. Major developments in love and relationships will occur throughout 2021. The twins have learned what needs to be changed, what they want in a relationship and how to ask for what they want.

Mars enters the Gemini relations sector and passionately feeds all their desires. Trust and follow your heart! After Venus enters Gemini in its retrograde motion you will feel some delay in the realization of sentimental plans. But you will have all the time during the analysis if you can’t give yourself a second in certain markets. See what is worth saving.

The most romantic period of 2021 will be between June and December. The lunar eclipse for June will be able to bring a strong romantic influence, and the solar eclipse on December 14 will emphasize the idea of ​​karma and destiny. It will be time for the singers to start.


The stars are smiling at you in 2021 from a love point of view. With Jupiter in the relationship sector, until December 19, 2021, expect interesting surprises. He will be full of events and very lucky in love. Saturn has persecuted you for the past three years, but it has strengthened you to become more mature, more responsible in relationships. Pluto stays in the love affairs sector until 2024, preparing you for something extraordinary.


The year 2021 is announced to be very important for Lei. You don’t have to wait too long to realize that the relationship can become very romantic and passionate if you give it the attention it deserves.

From the beginning of 2021, things will be pretty clear to you. Venus, Mars, Saturn and the lucky Jupiter cross the sign of Leo in turn. I bring the need to prioritize everything related to your love life. You need to focus on what happened in the past, heal, and then make an effort to make up for lost time.

Saturn is in your romantic sector from March 22 to July 1, then from December 17 to 2021, bringing you pleasant surprises. You will understand how important commitments are in strengthening a relationship. Maybe someone from your past will come back and you will need to take responsibility for what happened. Retrograde Saturn between May 10 and June 1 will force you to do this.

Venus will be with you from the beginning of 2021. Mars spends the first month of the year in the romantic sector of your zodiac sign, which will allow you to start the year with a clarity on what you want. Mercury will also enter the retrograde movement on February 19 and will give you the opportunity to review certain things from the past left in the tail of the fish. It is time to clarify the situation and let go of the past.

Summer 2021 promises to be super romantic. The lunar eclipse will pave the way for a new relationship, and the full moon of your season will put you in a spectacular light. By the end of the year you will know if it is something lasting or not. The December solar eclipse, a week before Jupiter visits the romantic sector of your zodiac sign, will shine.


The year 2021 is announced to be the year you have been waiting for a long time. You worked hard to make your love affair harmonious. Pluto, the planet of sudden change, has been in your romantic sector since 2008 and has helped you through many plan changes.

Saturn and Jupiter will also be in your romantic sector, amplifying your belief that you will be lucky in love in 2021. Neptune has been in the relationship sector in your zodiac sign since 2012 and let you dream, but it also showed you that the dream has nothing to do with reality (the hardest in 2015/2016). But all these problems seem to be calming down.

Jupiter has entered your love sector since December 2019 and will stay here until 2021. Jupiter will bring you the good fortune to meet people you will conquer irretrievably. Chiron will also remind you that the wounds of the past must be healed and left behind. You suffered too much. But now is the time to allow yourself to love again. Mars will fuel the passion in your life and give you signs that you will spend February 14 with your loved one.

With Saturn directly in your love sector, since the end of 2019, you understand that it is time to strengthen relationships. You understand that love must come first in your life. The most romantic period of 2021 is announced in mid-September – mid-December, when Saturn and Jupiter are in direct motion in the romantic sector of your zodiac sign.


For Libra, there have been many changes in their lives, especially in the relationship sector. The year 2021 can bring you a new start. The sun enters the romantic sector of your sign from the beginning of the year, bringing a ray of light on your priorities.

Venus and the Sun plant in your heart something that will grow and bear fruit. The beginning of February can bring a new love or opportunities to develop the relationship you have now. The more you work to strengthen this relationship, the more romance and passion you will have. You will feel the flame of love burn.

Mars is in the sentimental area of ​​your sign on March 30 and will make an important mark throughout the year. Stationing the zodiac warrior in this area will give you passion and will feed your desires, but also the need to enjoy every moment of your life. The full moon of August 3 will influence the area of ​​destiny and communication.

Venus will enter the relationship sector in your October sign and will bring the need to rebuild something from the past. The year will end on a romantic and lucky note, as Jupiter enters the love sector of your zodiac sign, around the coming Christmas.


The year 2021 will resemble sentimental zonz, with last year 2019, with a few exceptions. Neptune has been in the love sector of your zodiac sign since 2012 and will stay here until 2026. You need to be more careful with sentimental issues. Venus and Mars are working with Neptune to bring more magic to the couple’s relationship and rekindle the flame of passion in 2021.

Venus will visit the romantic sector of your zodiac sign and will allow you to dream. You will have more confidence in yourself and various romantic opportunities may arise, especially during March-April. A new chapter can begin and Mars will spice up the atmosphere a bit

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