Retrograde Planets in 2021

We are accustomed to the fact that there is almost always a planet in retrograde stationary that sends us to reevaluate the past and stay a little ahead of moving forward.

For 2021, however, there is a time window in which all the planets are in direct motion.

This is great news and it is good to take advantage of so much active energy from the planets that support us to go forward with the engines running at full speed!

All the planets in the solar system are in direct motion, so there is no star to put us to karmic tests by its retrograde motion.

On the contrary, when a star is in direct motion, we also benefit and we are moving towards the future with all the sails up and the engines running!

But what does it mean, for all of us collectively and for each sign, that ALL the planets go on, without a trace of slowing down, stopping, braking, restarting?

On January 10, 20210, Uranus, the rebellious planet of unpredictable movements, stepped out of its retrograde for the past five months.

On February 17, 2021, we are already starting the first retrograde of this year, who other than the famous Mercury, the planet with the most annual retrograde stationary. During this five-week period, the energy of all the planets unites and carries a message for each sign.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all happy in direct motion, so we have open paths.

When a planet is in retrograde motion it tends to slow us down in its realm and bring our past to the present.

The year 2021 is announced full of retrogrades: we will face the passionate Venus in retrograde in May and June, but also with Mars retrograde from September to November – these planets were not retrograde in 2020.

When a planet is announced to be retrograde, we see it moving backwards from our perspective on Earth. In fact, no planet spins like that, it’s just the optical illusion that creates effects in the areas of our lives led by it. When a planet slows down, our plans and relationships follow. If it is like ice cream in the sky, everything in our lives stays still.

When she seems to be moving backwards, we revise our plans or revisit the past. And when the planet starts with direct motion, our lives dance happily ever before.

Even if the retrogrades seem to haunt us, let’s not forget that there are disguised blessings brought by them.

They give us time windows to readjust what we set out to do (maybe it wasn’t the best for us) and often bring lessons or karmic people with whom we need to reconnect to reach our fullest potential.

So if you don’t get rid of a former partner, maybe it’s the way of the Universe to convey to you what else you have to learn through it, maybe you didn’t forgive, maybe you didn’t understand the message of the lesson from then.

Astrology shows us the time windows in which our efforts will receive the most support and will lead to the best results. Make a list of everything you want to achieve this year (professional, personal, spiritual) and start with all the conviction to act until February 17!

However, we will have another period between March 9 and April 25 in which again all the planets will be in direct motion. Then we will not have this opportunity until 2021. What are we waiting for?

Here’s what each moving planet means to us:

According to the information found on the WiseHoroshope website and as reported by the 2021 horoscope, Venus, the planet of love, relationships, harmony, money, beauty, in direct motion give excellent time to start a relationship, get engaged or end what is no longer working. A new love found now can last a long time without much roughness. Take the initiative and go to the desired person because true love can really align with your destiny. Venus will enter retrograde between May 13 and June 25, 2021.

Mars, the planet of energy, action, impulse, is what pushes us to do, leads our determination and will to persevere. When it is in direct motion, it gives us hot time to launch projects, start new careers, advance in everything that requires strength and action. Mars will be retrograde between September 9 and November 14, 2021.

Mercury, the planet of communication, thinking, technology, short distance travel, supports us to sign important contracts, to think positively, to buy electronic products and not only without fear that we will have problems with them later.

Mercury will be retrograde in 2020 3 times: between February 17 and March 10, between June 18 and July 12, between October 14 and November 3.

Jupiter, the planet of miracles and prosperity, brings good luck for any action we take while in direct motion. Jupiter will be retrograde between May 14 and September 13, 2021.

Saturn – which coordinates longevity, responsibility and well-made details for long-term success – also moves happily forward in the sky. In Capricorn, he promises us excellent business opportunities and fruits of good work. Saturn will be retrograde between May 11 and September 29, 2021.

Uranus, the planet of revolution, transformation and change, goes directly to Taurus until 2026. Uranus helps us evolve to the highest levels and shakes us from what is old and useless. It’s also the planet of genius, so it’s a phenomenal time to get creative ideas out of you and think unconventional. Something huge can happen that will change your life forever.
Uranus will be retrograde between August 15, 2021 and January 1, 2022.

Neptune, the planet of our imagination, divine love and faith, going through Pisces directly, supports our creativity strongly and without obstacles. Now you can look at your dreams and high hopes but also at the idea of ​​a soul mate and see how it comes to life. Neptune will be retrograde between June 23 and November 29, 2021.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration and rebirth, supports our evolution. Pluto is not everyone’s favorite planet because it rules death and rebirth. He is the king of sudden endings, and while Uranus favors change, even sudden, Pluto is less tactless and will simply take people and situations out of our lives without warning. Pluto will be retrograde between April 25 and October 4, 2021 .

What does this astral phenomenon beneficial to your zodiac sign with no retrograde planet until February 17, 2021 mean for you?


You are supported in the area of ​​expansion, so take advantage of any opportunity to expand your horizons. You will also be lucky for international travel, especially if you want to learn through new experiences. You can grow and stay closer to home, so invest in yourself, you will find growth opportunities everywhere. Connect with people of soul and whom you feel are part of your future. You will also be helped in the direction of spirituality and subconscious thoughts, so don’t forget to listen to your intuition, the inner voice that gives you the right direction.


Are you ready for significant changes for the better? You are helped to embrace your creativity and rebellion within yourself. You can feel as if your brain is restarting, your ambitions and inner voice come to the surface strongly to reaffirm who you really are. You get a helping hand in financial and relationships. If you need to borrow money, you will have it, but study the details involved first. At the same time, you are blessed with adventures, growth and travel opportunities. So take the time to expand your horizons.


Be open to change during this time. Be prepared for what all the stars that go right now bring you! You are helped to fill your close relationships with luck, so current relationships can reach important turning points. If your mind does not fall in love, you will be sustained towards fantastic partnerships in business or art and creativity.

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