The Most Sincere Zodiac Signs in 2021

It is said that we are lied to and we lie dozens of times a day. However, some are more sincere by nature, while others are not shy to lie to you with a smile on their face. Here is which of the 12 signs to expect to hear the truth and (almost) only the truth!


It is one of the most sincere signs. He knows how to say things by name in such a direct way that he either annoys you to the core or disarms you completely. Not at all subtle, Aries does not know how to save you and does not know how to simply keep a secret. He doesn’t even want to lie, the Aries don’t come out very well, because he takes their mouths in advance and they score quickly.


Aquarius is an ardent supporter of the truth, which he tells you with all sincerity, even if it’s not nearly what you want to hear. Ask him for advice if you want an objective opinion! He cannot respect people who are not honest and would not want to find themselves in this situation. He also tells lies, but innocent, about trivial things that are easy to overlook.


It can’t be more direct than that! When it comes to Sagittarius, opinions are always sharp and expressive. This sign of fire will tell you without thinking that your hair is a disaster or will ask you for the receipt from the shirt you just gave her, on the grounds that it is old-fashioned and she wants to buy something else instead. He hates lies, which is why he is always open and honest!


When he has something to say, Leo tells her green in the face, without hiding behind his finger and he is proud of it. He assumes everything he does and is not afraid of the consequences of the truth, which he prefers to any deception. He hates liars and considers lying under his dignity. That is why it can sometimes be considered tactless, because it tells the truth even when it is unpleasant or painful.

At the opposite pole … less sincere signs


Dual zodiac sign, Gemini does not find it difficult to hide behind a mask or crafty words. It is easy for them to disguise, and even often inflate reality with pure pleasure, to make the stories more interesting.


insincere signsIt is known how many … slippery Pisces. And dreamers. They are often caught lying to save appearances in various common situations. On the one hand, in order to appear its own image, on the other hand, to save its interlocutor from unnecessary sufferings.


He creates so many scenarios in his own mind that in the end Scorpio also comes to believe them and pass them on as absolute truth. The fact that makes the natives born in this sign not to be the most reliable in the zodiac, on the contrary.


Those born under the sign of Libra are not liars, but it cannot be said that sincerity is their strong point. They can sometimes be fake. Diplomacy and the desire to always make friends is what determines them to praise you when you don’t deserve it or to encourage you even if you are wrong …

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