Tricks to attract success in 2021

What lifestyle motivates you to wake up every morning? Do you want dynamism and energy, a busy mind and always full of ideas and connections, creativity? And we as. Counselor Cortney Mc Dermott, author of “Change Begins with You: Trust to Use Your Inspiring Intuition,” teaches you how to build a successful and fulfilling life. Intuition is the weapon that will help you fulfill your dreams.

There is nothing wrong with setting certain material goals in life, only in the long run it is unsatisfactory to fight for goals that do not reach your soul spiritually. The answer is in you, your soul and heart must work together for success.

An initial understanding of your purpose may be the purpose of your approach. How do you understand what your soul needs, how do you express your desires and ambitions? Here are two recipes for a start.
What do you like to do?

The first question is: How do you feel good in the physical and emotional body? For me, the answer is learning. I love to learn, that’s how I would spend my days, even every day. For other people, the main pleasure would be to repair, to do manual work. For others it may order or they like to take care of children. So simply ask yourself, “What activity do I like to do the most at this point in my life?”

Is simple. But we tend to make everything complicated. When you identify what you love to do the most, you practice what may be called the discipline of happiness. An activity that you are passionate about can help you get through the most difficult moments of life.

A second question you need to ask yourself is about what we call the exercise of heroes. To identify what nourishes your soul and mind, you can resort to a simple and effective exercise. Follow the two steps one after the other, without cheating.

Step 1. Close your eyes and imagine one of your favorite heroes. It can be a known person, someone from friends, family members, colleagues, etc. What characteristics, what qualities does the person you admire have?

What is your hero doing?

Step 2. Open your eyes and write on a piece of paper the name of your hero and how you see this person, what values ​​he has or everything that went through your head when you thought of him with your eyes closed.

Step 3. Now draw that person’s name with a line and write yours. You are. Those attributes you admire in that person are your own aspirations and desires.

You do not believe, but those qualities and attributes exist in the depths of your soul. These are latent values ​​that you need to discover. Reread the list of values ​​and qualities. Now you have a clearer picture of the activities you enjoy and the values ​​you admire, it’s time to rebuild the picture of your life.

We now assume that you wrote that the activity you love to do is writing, and your favorite hero is a writer. Here’s how you can improve your lifestyle by following a few simple ideas:

Take a moment of peace to imagine yourself writing and the feelings that this image provokes in you. What do you see? Are you writing a book? A blog? Or do you write for your favorite newspaper? How do you feel after discovering your vocation? Do you have the courage to try this situation? Do you feel that this idea represents a new beginning in your life?

Now you have the courage to follow your intuition. You have to believe in yourself and in your ability to complete this project of inner and outer change.

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