Venus Retrograde 2021

In the year 2021, the stars are with us in love. We heal our wounds, we get a second chance, we can find ourselves in love. We have a desire for adventure and flirtation, and luck smiles on us. The other day I found an interesting article on a French astrology site: . It seems that Venus Retrograd will massively affect our sentimental life in 2021.


The planet Venus governs their relationships and family, and this month the Aries are strongly advantaged.

It is a month of passion and healing, and the power is in your hands. Become passionate again and interested in the couple’s life, you are happy and very tender, attentive to your partner, which can rekindle the flame in the couple. You can now fix past mistakes and also manage to make those changes in the couple that you have been dreaming of for some time.

Single people can meet their soul mate or … they can meet again. Either you meet a new person who steals your heart and lifts your feelings to a teenage love, with butterflies in your stomach and insomnia, or you meet a person from the past, to whom you cared a lot. This person seems to have changed, you find him in another context of his life.

Those of you who are not yet with the wedding ring on your finger, this month may be the big one: the marriage proposal can take place!


Venus governs the sign of Taurus and will bring clarity, transparency, sincerity and decision-making power. Those who have indulged in relationships for other reasons, but not out of love, will now have the power to say “stop”, to end a relationship that, in the future, will not bring them any good. Also, if separation is not their goal, they can make radical changes in the couple, through the power of the word. They will communicate excellently, they will firmly express their point of view, they will know what to ask and what to remove.

At the opposite pole, now they can start a relationship, to take the first step towards the person they care about, to succeed in opening the gate of love. They can start a very beautiful relationship now and they will act with maturity and responsibility. They may not get married, like rams, but surely Taurus can live a love of dreams, of stories.


Reality intervenes in the love life of Gemini. Yes, the curtain slides to one side and they will be faced with the reality of their love life, beyond everything they have ignored or pretended not to see. Now he has to decide. It may not be time and action yet, but at least decisions will be made this month.

They will therefore plan their actions in the relationship, focusing mainly on the self. They will no longer be left in the background, but will think of them in the first place. So relationships can take an interesting turn. Either they will improve, the native Gemini finding solutions dedicated to the couple, or they will think about how to end a relationship without having too many losses.

The lonely ones enjoy as many personal experiences as possible, but be careful, because in the second half of the month, they can fall madly in love. They may lose their minds as teenagers and dream with open eyes of the new love that has made its place in their lives. I can start a passionate love affair.


For Cancers the changes in the sentimental plane come, but indirectly. Not necessarily through the measures they take as a couple, on how they could improve the relationship or communication, but rather in other ways.
For example, they can find financial solutions, they can buy the dream house, they can make progress in the financial plan or they simply decide to move to another locality or even another country. All these changes will certainly have an echo in the couple’s life, and this will be a good one.

Single natives will not necessarily think about the couple’s relationship during this period, but rather about personal development, aiming for other life plans that they consider a priority for the moment. Even so, the stars favor relationships, so they can meet a person to pique their interest. However, they will look with great maturity at a possible future relationship.


Lions do not have much restraint when it comes to relationships, so some of them can turn a friendship into a love one. It would be best to think carefully before such a step, especially if that person is part of the close entourage, because there is a risk that it will not end well.

During this period, the Lions are very open, communicative, funny and optimistic, so they can easily conquer the people around them. It is not excluded that the single ones start a relationship towards the end of the month.

For Lions already involved in married or family life, this month brings them adventure with their loved ones. They will write unforgettable memories, they will enjoy with all their might the best part of the couple / family life.


For Virgos, the news is not exactly rosy, but they, strong and wise personalities, will know how to choose what is best for them. The end of the month brings tensions in the couple’s life, unpredictable situations that, most of the time, do not belong to the Virgo natives.

So it is possible to wake up in the face of a reality totally unknown to you, us, outside of the plans you have made. Think carefully about every step you take, every word you say, so that you do not make decisions that you will regret later.

Single natives can live a secret love or simply project a possible relationship in the near future. They are preparing to meet someone, but they are also making plans, acting and not just waiting to fall from the sky. It is even possible to meet an interesting person, but they will not rush to take the first step. They will first want to be sure of the decision they will make.


Even if they don’t want that, the couple’s life comes to the fore. So everything they have postponed so far about life together must work out. Therefore, it is possible that the situations will become more tense, but at least there is a good part of things, namely that unresolved issues will no longer arise, but everything begins to clarify.

It is recommended that Libra try to control his impulsiveness and choose his words carefully, so as not to hurt and have no regrets later.

Single natives will feel the need for a relationship, so they will leave the house and try to meet new people, in the desire to meet their soul mate. They are attentive to the way they present themselves and they are also communicative and cheerful, and the stars smile at them. Therefore, the chance of starting a relationship is very high!


Well, the love life of the Scorpio natives can become controversial during this period, peppery and full of unpredictability.

For example, natives in a couple’s relationship need to give explanations for older actions or for a reaction to a past love. They make small mistakes that are still seen through the lens by their life partner and can create tension.

The lonely natives now have a desire for adventure, for conquests, they are surrounded by romance and they dream of life together. They don’t necessarily throw themselves into long-term relationships unless fate smiles on them, but they are not willing to live alone either.


Sagittarius natives may not have serious reasons, but for them the love life lately has not been pink, but rather shades of gray. Not because they were sick, but because it’s not exactly what they want. But this month they will look at things more clearly, as a clarification of thoughts, of perplexities. They will find answers to many questions related to married life and can plan for the near future. Pay close attention to the words used, they can hurt and be regretted later.

Single natives are thinking about a possible relationship, but this is not a priority for them now. They are looking for more to develop, they can change their job, they can make changes in their career or in their personal life, they will take more care of their health, their diet and it is possible to travel more. They miss older friends, they will want to visit them. If during this period when Sagittarius proves to be very busy, an interesting person appears, they will not say “no”.

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