What color makes you happy in 2021?

Colors affect your mood and mental state, as well as the energy you show towards others. A famous psychologist, Dougall Fraser, the author of the book “Your life in colors”, explains the role that colors play in improving mood and improving personal life.

In winter, dull and dark colors dominate the landscape. The gloomy sky and shades of gray do not bring good mood. People prone to depression suffer more in winter. Color therapy recommends bright and light colors to combat the melancholy and sad states generated by the cold season.

Dougal Fraser explains: In winter we have to beautify the house with warm shades and bring happiness through the vibration of a strong color. Green is recommended for its special powers. A dynamic, strong color that will reduce malaise and depression.

The personal green aura belongs to the bold ones. That is why green is an invitation to change, to fundamental changes, to new attempts. To get rid of the monotony of winter grays, it is desirable to meditate on the color green.

An easy-to-achieve state of relaxation can be achieved through a meditation on color. Imagine you are inside a huge bud. The green light envelops you and charges you with energy. You feel that the power given by nature increases in you, you become what you want. When you finish the meditation, keep your well-being by wearing at least one green item of clothing. Emeralds, green peridot, risocola, help maintain the vital force of the color Green.

In the house and in the yard, give yourself as much green as possible. Grass, plants, trees. Everything that could give you energy is good to be close to you. Those who want to be successful can keep a green banknote, even a dollar for example, in their wallet. Bend the bill so that it forms a triangle, do not just fold it in half. It is a beneficial form and the greenish color will increase the state of abundance. Always keep only fresh flowers on the desk or table. Cut flowers that dry out and lose their shade of fresh green are not beneficial from an energy point of view. Discard them and periodically refresh the house.

Green is the color of prosperity, and in the house it is good to have at least one green object. Green energy will be reflected in your daily life, and over time you will improve your health problems as well.

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