What Kind of Dad Are You Based on Zodiac Sign

Does he change diapers, prepare fruit puree, read stories to him, suffer with it when he is hit, or run away eating the earth when he hears it screaming?
Does she support him in everything he does or does he always want to impose himself in front of the little one?

Some fathers do a great job as a parent from the beginning, while others need patience and effort to meet the new challenge.
Here’s what kind of father he is according to his zodiac sign.


He is extremely generous with his children and it is very easy for them to put themselves in their minds, as he himself is an older child.

He plays with them, takes them to sports competitions, to the zoo, does not want to impose himself and leaves the little ones to have ideas, opinions, to manifest, to inspire them with courage. Idealistically, the ram father wants to make them always see the good things and how beautiful life is.

Aries Father wants the little ones to have everything he didn’t have and to reach higher than he did. He is very proud when his children are brave and competitive.

Patience is not his strong point and can sometimes be a bit harsh, but children feel that he loves them and learn from an early age that his anger is fleeting.


Considered an ideal father, he loves his children madly and has a lot of patience with them. Being very protective, he makes sure that the little ones do not lack anything and tries to educate them so that they can lead a decent life, as much as possible away from dangers.

Although he wants the best for his children, Taurus is not absurd and does not ask for the impossible, but only as much as he can give. Because he loves them unconditionally, leaves them in their rhythm, does not force them, does not hurry them, but he is always there with advice, with an example, with encouragement for them. Most of the time, they keep in close contact with them even if they have set out on their own paths.

Being quite conservative, it can be uncomfortable in adolescence, but the years pass quickly and the problems disappear.


The Gemini Father is a great friend to his children. Or an older brother. Being a child himself, at most a teenager, he would be asked too much to take care of them, to caress them, to discipline them – he gets bored very quickly and is not consistent in his attitude towards them.

But he likes to tell them about fascinating things, to buy them books, games, to teach them to ride a bike, to go rollerblading.

Because life for him means communication, logic and movement, he does not know what to do with a child until he begins to speak, judge and walk.


He is a very attentive, dedicated and patient parent. She is involved in caring for the children with everything she can: change diapers, prepare the bottle, hold the little ones’ hands when they take their first steps, read them stories, listen to their worries, suffer with them when they have cramps or bruise their knees, he prepares parties for their birthday that leave everyone speechless.

After children grow up, the connection may suffer a little. Because he would always want them in the house, clinging to his pants, he mumbles nervously and unwillingly at every attempt of the chicks’ to escape from the controlled environment or to assert their independence.


Leo’s father is a wonderful parent, full of warmth, generosity and enthusiasm. She encourages her children to express their talents, to be competitive, socially active and to have self-respect.

He sends them to the best schools, pays them meditations, makes them wonderful gifts. Children quickly learn that they should not contradict or get out of their way, but they love and admire him. Boys want to look like them when they grow up, girls dream of marrying someone like him in years to come.


The Virgin Father is a very conscientious parent. He will teach his children to brush their hands and teeth, he will take care of them when they are sick, he will help them with their lessons. In addition to forming a sense of cleanliness, order and discipline, he values ‚Äč‚Äčlearning and will make sacrifices to ensure a good education for children.

But children need not only physical and intellectual development, but also a lot of affection, and the Virgin father must learn to take them in his arms, to caress them and to say warm words to them.


Absorbed in his profession and hobbies, the Libra father prefers to leave his children in the care of his wife until they grow up to be able to get along with them.
Only then do they come into action, friendly, communicative, diplomatic, but also authoritarian, with great care for their intellectual development. It teaches them to think, to discern nuances, to perceive causes and effects, to be just, moderate and reasonable. He does not punish them undeservedly or under the impulse of the moment. The children consider him a sage, admire him, strive to thank him, but would not want him around longer.


He loves his children from the bottom of his heart and is ready to make sacrifices for them. He inoculates them with respect for courage, hard work and perseverance and seeks to form a strong and ambitious character in them. But it is far too intense, troubled and prone to extremes.
Children grow up in a rather busy atmosphere, punctuated by family or financial crises, marked by his passions, obsessions or addictions.
Sometimes the Scorpio father is incredibly tolerant, other times demanding and harsh, imprinting on children complex feelings, of love mixed with fear, of emotional confusion that can damage their emotional relationships later.


He’s a great father when he’s not gone! He looks fascinated at the evolution of the children, eager to see them old enough to show them how wonderful the world is. He takes them on trips, plays with them, teaches them how to make a campfire, how to tie their skis, etc.
He gives them somewhat philosophical but well-intentioned speeches about the world and life. But in addition to many good things, children can learn less appropriate habits from him. Because I always look at him as a hero, even when he drives at 200 an hour, when he honks beautiful women, when he drinks heavily with friends or when he expertly mixes playing cards.


Capricorn is seldom a father ‘and almost always a father’, spoken with respect and a slight fear. He is the kind of patriarch of old, who sat upright and distant at the head of the table and spoke to the children in a sober tone, waiting for them to answer only yes or no, sir. It is often just as unapproachable; he is very responsible to children, provides them with what they need, but tends to be rigid and conservative and ignore their need for warmth and affection.


Children are the only beings Aquarius is willing to admit that he loves with all his heart. Attentive to their needs and desires, the father goes out of his way to fulfill them. He is able to play for hours with the little ones, but he especially aims to instil in them a competitive spirit and a love for study. He challenges them to test their knowledge of general culture, to solve problems, teaches them chess, etc.
He has educational methods that stimulate their interest. Aquarius, however, has a problem: his children should be independent, but at the same time give him obedience, a contradiction that can periodically give rise to heated but temporary conflicts.


Gentle and caring or eccentric and disordered, the Pisces father has the gift of understanding the souls of his children and penetrating their hearts. He feels them, he senses them. He transposes with them into the world of fairy tales that they read together, he has a lot of imagination, he draws and sings with them, he encourages them to make friends and to love animals.
Antitalent in daily routine and weak in discipline, he can be accused of being too lenient a parent. In reality, his concern for children remains rather inconsistent, interrupted by his own mirages and searches, which can absorb him at least as much.

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