What Nostradamus predicted for 2021

The year 2021 was also the object of Nostradamus’ prophecies. According to the Frenchman, in the period 2021-2022 the Third World War will take place, and before him four presidents will be assassinated.

Nostradamus was born in Saint Rémy de Provence, in the south of France, on December 14, 1503 and was a famous French physician, Kabbalist and pharmacist, whose fame was due to the work “Les Propheties”, whose first edition appeared in 1555. of Nostradamus are made of quatrains. According to nostradamus-predictions.org, Nostradamus has 6,338 prophecies, many of them unfulfilled. His prophecies are closely related to the application of the Bible Code and cover a period up to 3797. The secret of his predictions is unknown.

In the Kabbalist’s vision, 2021 will be marked by complete disaster, this being the year when all people will die, and in Europe will appear a “satanic arc of anger”, a time machine, this “satanic arc” can be the Great Particle Accelerator from Geneva (Large Hadron Collider-LHC) or ballistic missiles. Nostradamus’ prophecies also anticipate natural disasters, cataclysms or the coming of the Antichrist.

The year 2021 has numerology 2, a figure that symbolizes duality, harmony, peace, but also two parallel lines. It is a year of pluses and minuses. Overall, a year of disappointments, but favorable to marriage, in which you can meet your future life partner.

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus and St. Malachi, bishop of Armagh in Ireland in the twelfth century, Benedict XVI would have been the last true pope while his successor will be a pope whose pontificate will lead to the disappearance of Rome. , by the way, and the last Sovereign Pontiff.

Nostradamus’ prophecies are amazing. Since the collapse of the Twin Towers or even the outbreak of World War II, events have been predicted hundreds of years ago by Nostradamus.

Now, the prophet is talking in his quatrains about the “departure of the penultimate Pope” in December when a large comet will be seen in the sky during the day, “NBC News reported. the night Benedict XVI resigned is the sign that Nostradamus mentioned in his writings.

If we consider the difference between the calendars, Nostradamus could have referred to the comet ISON that shines even brighter than the Moon and will be visible from our planet in 2013. It could be seen even during the day.

And this is not the only clue in recent weeks: the February meteor shower in the Urals region, accompanied by violent explosions is also considered a sign according to followers of apocalyptic theories. However, scientists claim that all these are simple natural phenomena.

About the one who will come to the head of the Catholic Church, the Frenchman says that he will be much younger than the one before him, he will have a greater power, but in the end he will “destroy Rome”.

What can we expect from Nostradamus soon?

According to many, the period around 2021 has many prophecies of Nostradamus regarding wars and anger. In those years, apparently waiting for world wars, vegetation contamination, commercial animal mortality, skin diseases, people hide in the mountains and the world will perish. Everything eventually turns to good and the world survives. The last time that Nostradamus mentioned is the year 3797th After this date, there is no more prophecy.

How do we know the true prophet?

Do you know how to know a true prophet? a true prophet knows that his prophecy is absolutely complete. It cannot be the slightest deviation, the prophecy must no doubt be fulfilled.

All the prophecies that are given in the world can only come from the two states.

True prophecy is from God, our Creator, and it undoubtedly fills one hundred percent.

False prophets come from Satan, who sees the future and tries to predict what will happen in the future. Then at that time trying to fulfill the prophecy, and he does not always succeed. Therefore, pseudo prophets have some amazingly accurate prophecy, and conversely, some are even happening.

Every prophet, we must examine this measure. If a true prophet of God, no possibility of any discrepancy, the prophecy must be fulfilled without the slightest deviation.

Another important criterion is what a person was or is a proclaimed prophecy. God gives us the prophecies of those who obey Him and live life according to God’s will and follow His law.

Matthew 7: 15-23 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Harvesting thorn grapes, perhaps, and figs from thorns? So every good tree bears good fruit, and every bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

And so: you will know by their fruits. Not anyone who says to me, Lord, Lord! “He shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many shall be in my state that day,” Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? Have we cast out devils in thy name? Don’t I have many miracles in your name? “And then it is clearly said, ‘I never know. Get away from me you who are committing evil!’ “

Nostradamus’ prophecies are not accurate, depending on the scale, so we know where we can move up. We can classify them in the prophecies as false, vyplozena Satan the prince of darkness.

The origin of evil, is there a chance to survive?

For those who do not know who Satan is and how he came to us on this earth, who can easily illuminate your fact. Satan or the devil, not creatures with fur with horns, hooves and tails. The Bible tells us that Satan held a high position in heaven and unleashed a revolt against God and His law of love. Satan was a wise and beautiful angel who rebelled. He was beaten and thrown to the ground to show how his government would look.

Revelation of John 12: 7-9 – The battle took place in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon. Both the dragon and his angels fought, but to no avail. Heaven is nowhere to be found, and the great dragon — the ancient serpent called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world — has been overthrown. He was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

God to Satan and his fallen angels at the time of his rebellion to eliminate. God is love, love is freedom. God gives each creature its own freedom of thought and decision-making. If God cast out Satan, the whole universe would listen to the fear of God, not love. This is why God left Satan alive and threw it into our land to be fully expressed and everyone showed what he can do.

Satan in his wickedness brought the first man Adam and Eve to sin. Adam and Eve were free and could choose voluntarily. Satan is deceived and led into sin. Sin is a violation of God’s law, sin takes us away from the death of its creator and has failed.

God save us, but so much love, we are His creation, His children. Is our plan of salvation. He sacrificed for us the most precious thing, his only son Jesus Christ. The Lord of the Universe descended to our earth in the human body to us, through His blood that He shed on the redeemed cross. He suffered, was humiliated and tortured to death for our sins. He suffered from it in what I had to suffer.

By believing in Jesus Christ, we can gain eternal life, return home and live eternal life without pain and death.

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